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Church And State is a ministry with a mission to equip & activate 1,000 Christians in every electorate to be salt & light in the public square. It includes a fast-growing annual summit and increasing local events & conferences around Australia calling Christians to be part of a Gospel-based moral & cultural revolution, motivated by love for our 25 million neighbours.

The Church – every believer – has a prophetic voice to declare Truth in the public square. The Scriptures are replete with God’s concern for real justice and calls for His people to intervene on behalf of the oppressed.

Your weekly or monthly partnership helps Dave Pellowe arm Aussie Christians to be better informed and better stewards of the political freedom we’ve been given.

Direct Deposit Account Details

Please be sure to include your name in the transfer, and then send a deposit receipt to admin@ChurchAndState.com.au with any other relevant details such as a specific purpose so we can match with the bank statements.

  • Account name: Church And State
  • BSB number: 034-605
  • Account number: 527 118

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