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A talk show discussing news and views at the intersection of Christianity and Politics in Society.

Join conservative Christian commentator Dave Pellowe and his guests each episode for discussion and debate about the important public issues that can change our votes.

Hear unchained common sense without political correctness, and help rebuild the strong Judeo-Christian values – the foundations of our nation – to their proper place in Australian society.

Recent Episodes & Articles

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#023 Judi Taylor on Assisted Suicide

While the illegal trade in death goes unpunished and predators prosper, Australia’s suicide prevention ambitions are a sick joke. Worse, Victoria and other states are considering making assisted suicide legal…

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The Outrage Industry Just Loves Pauline Hanson

The outrage industry is in overdrive and it’s hurting our nation. We are becoming dumber and dumberer by making emotions more important than evidence. It’s time media consumers and voters wised up and rejected offense as an option.

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Jesus Was Always Good, But Was He Always Nice?

There’s a common belief that Jesus had no interest in politics, never offended anyone, never called people mean names, and was just always a really nice bloke to everyone all the time. But how true is all that?

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3 Reasons Australian Gun Control Is A Failure

JOHN HOWARD didn’t ban the gun used by the scumbag who killed hero police officer, Senior Constable Brett Forte. How do we stop criminal use of illegal firearms? We don’t need token gestures. We need real solutions.

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