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Join conservative Christian commentator Dave Pellowe and his guests each episode for discussion and debate about the important public issues that can change our votes.

Hear unchained common sense without political correctness, and help rebuild the strong Judeo-Christian values – the foundations of our nation – to their proper place in Australian society.

Recent Episodes & Articles

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The ‘Myth’ of Cultural Marxism

The grand plan of communism requires destruction of normal family and parent relationships. Redefinition of marriage is all about children and families. Don’t be a silly little pawn of cultural Marxism.

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Marxism & Marriage

Marxism has always taught that the nuclear family – father, mother and children must be eradicated. In a truly Marxist society, family must go – or at least family as defined as ‘father, mother and their children’.

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#028 Graeme Haycroft – Competition for Unions

Graeme Haycroft has been called a union buster. Perhaps he’s been given that name because he’s critical of the raw deal workers get when they’re not given genuine choices: when monopolies are allowed unchallenged.

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The Rise of Atheistic Dictatorship in Australia

The most infamous dictators of history were driven by a grand vision to impose an ideological package onto the whole world, including the eradication of religion, which translated to indoctrination in all state schools.

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Warren Entsch Seems To Think You’re Stupid

You and your gang of ‘moderates’ are waging a war of attrition against the people of this nation who have elected successive Parliaments to dismiss your rainbow Marxism. We’ve had our say, and you’re not listening.

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#027 Campbell Newman

Campbell Newman was an extremely popular Lord Mayor of Australia’s largest city council, Brisbane. He became Premier of Qld in audacious circumstances & became the target of an extremely vicious & sustained smear campaign.

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