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Christians & churches around Australia are hosting these nonpartisan, nondenominational events about the Scriptural basis for being salt & light in the public square. If you’re “not interested in politics,” you’ll LOVE the Church And State Forum.

The most common feedback I get after a local Church And State Forum is, “Wow, if I had’ve known it was going to be like this, I would’ve invited more people!

There’s a pressing need for sound teaching on Biblical doctrines of government, church and family (specifically in relation to each other); and gently correcting old errors like “the Church should be apolitical.” The vision of Church And State is to raise up a thousand Christians in every electorate to strategically supply political support as Jesus would in our place – without blind loyalty to any politician or party, but guided by God’s Word.

Motivated by a sincere love for our 25 million neighbours (Aussies) and God’s concern for justice in the land, Dave Pellowe’s ministry is encouraging Christians to use God’s Word to guide their votes & political engagement, instead of the mainstream media, political parties or politicians.

You can now bring the same high quality information & training of the annual Church And State Summit to your local area. We will provide the Church And State branding, a website page, ticketing, graphic design, and event quality control, promotion and delivery experience. All you need to provide is a venue, volunteers and to help promote to local congregations and Christians.

Church And State is a nonpartisan, nondenominational ministry supporting Christians to be better informed and better involved in the light of Scripture. There is no fee involved beyond travel costs & an opportunity to invite attendees to support the ongoing mission.

There are many variables, including how many churches (if any) get involved, what day of the week, how many sessions and speakers are possible, and secondary objectives / specific issues which you may be wanting included.

Please let us know how we can help and any preferences you may have, and let’s discuss possibilities soon!

Would you like to help organise Church And State [Yourtown]?

Send us a message with your details including town/city and possible dates you have in mind, and Dave will call you ASAP to discuss possibilities and answer the many questions you will have.

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