Brisbane: 7pm Friday, 30 June, 2017

Politics in the Church and the Church in Politics

WHAT PLACE does religion have in a secular democracy?

Traditional Christianity and other faiths, most conspicuously Islam, have increasingly become a perceptible presence. This evolution gives rise to many questions in the context of current debates about homosexual marriage, euthanasia, and banning the burqa.

Upholding the principle of individual freedom under the rule of law is the only acceptable basis for a healthy, ethnically diverse society.

AT THIS EVENT Rev Peter Kurti, a Research Fellow with the Centre for Independent Studies with degrees in law, theology and philosophy, will launch his book “The Tyranny of Tolerance – Threats to Religious Liberty in Australia”, published by Connor Court. He will be interviewed by Dave Pellowe, host of “Church And State”, followed by an extended time for Q&A.

Your ticket includes $5 off the new book’s price, and you will be able to have your new favourite book signed by the author.

Guests are requested to arrive at 6:45 pm for a 7:00 pm start, Friday 30 June.
The QB Centre, 53 Prospect Road, Gaythorne 4051 (Brisbane inner north side)

Kurti exposes a grand deception: the tolerance and diversity brigade cannot tolerate diversity of thought. — Nick Cater

In a time of ‘fake news’ and social media mobs, Kurti’s thoughtful deliberation about the meaning of tolerance and its tension with political liberty is indispensable. He critiques the origin of Australian multiculturalism and the corrosive cultural effect of codifying diversity in discrimination law. This book is a measured, scholarly treatment of a subject too often submerged in superficial polemic. It resurrects religious freedom and restores the principle to its rightful place in the heart of 21st-century democracy. — Jennifer Oriel

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