The ‘Myth’ of Cultural Marxism

The grand plan of communism requires destruction of normal family and parent relationships. Redefinition of marriage is all about children and families. Don’t be a silly little pawn of cultural Marxism.

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Marxism & Marriage

Marxism has always taught that the nuclear family – father, mother and children must be eradicated. In a truly Marxist society, family must go – or at least family as defined as ‘father, mother and their children’.

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Qld Education Cracks Down On Christian Kids

The government doesn’t want your children thinking for themselves, so education bureaucrats in Queensland have issued an “unofficial” policy warning principals that they should crack down on 4 to 12 year olds who have a public faith.

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Born Gay?

Although much research has examined the possible influences on sexual orientation, no findings have emerged that permit scientists to conclude that sexual orientation is determined by any particular factor or factors.

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Two Scoops of Stupid

Ben & Jerry’s have actually banned Australians from getting two scoops of the same flavour because we don’t agree social policy is as simple as eating ice cream. It’s becoming more and more apparent which side of this debate is attempting to impose their beliefs on everyone else.

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The Qantas Crusade

Following my recent episode with Stuart Ballantyne, he’s written an open letter to the Board of Qantas offering some frank business advice and explaining why they’ve lost his support – annually worth $500,000-$700,000.

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Penny Wong Marginalises Christians

No, Penny – disagreement should not be outlawed, for any reason. Yes, Penny – even Christians should be allowed to disagree with you. Penny Wong, with the greatest of respect, I’ll keep my beliefs to myself when you do.

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