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A talk show discussing news and views at the intersection of Christianity and Politics in Society.

Join conservative Christian commentator Dave Pellowe and his guests each episode for discussion and debate about the important public issues that can change our votes.

Hear unchained common sense without political correctness, and help rebuild the strong Judeo-Christian values – the foundations of our nation – to their proper place in Australian society.

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Killing Euthanasia Myths

Andrew Denton’s speech to the National Press Club sounds persuasive and smooth initially, but upon closer inspection rests entirely on subjective emotions, stories and anecdotes – and not evidence. Bill Muehlenberg, author of “The Challenge of Euthanasia”, joins Dave Pellowe to examine Denton’s points one by one.

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Excellence In Stupidity

Meet Stuart Ballantyne, owner of Australia’s largest ship designing company. We discuss payroll tax, company tax, water transport ideas, Qantas interfering in Australian politics, and consumer activism. Read about each topic quickly or watch the equally brief segments one at a time.

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What Syrians Really Say About Their War

George Salloum is an Arab Aussie whose parents immigrated to Sydney in the early 70s. With well over a hundred first and second cousins still living in Syria, he has some very different reports of what’s been happening in the Syrian war since 2011. We’ve been told it’s a civil war against an evil regime with a hated dictator. But should we believe everything we see on the internet or in the media?

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Climate Change – Alarmism or Scepticism?

Senator Malcolm Roberts is a newly elected representative of Qld and from the Pauline Hanson One Nation Party. Senator Roberts & Dave Pellowe discuss what's been driving the climate alarmism under its various names in the United Nations for several decades, the...

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Human Rights & Religious Freedom

This is exciting news for Christians, ministers and Christian organisations. You’re not alone anymore. There is now a human rights organisation in Australia that will provide pro bono (free) legal advice if you’re threatened with legal trouble because of your Christian identity or beliefs.

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Protecting Our Culture, Protectionism & Penalty Rates

George Christensen is one of the good guys. He refuses to serve political correctness, and refuses to be silent or "play it safe" on issues that matter the most to the people in his electorate. Mr Christensen is the Federal Member of Parliament for the electorate of...

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"Redefining marriage redefines parenthood. It promotes a family structure where children will always suffers a loss." - Katy Faust

THIS WEEK on Church And State with Dave Pellowe I interview Dr David van Gend, author of "Stealing from a Child - The Injustice of 'Marriage Equality'".

What do YOU think is the best challenge for keeping things the same? If you believe in defending traditional marriage, what is the toughest question you've heard?

If you believe in redefining marriage, what do you think is the best reason for change which you haven't heard a good rebuttal too?
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Happy birthday, Your Royal Highness.

91 years old today, full of grace and beauty. Long live the Queen!
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Happy birthday, Your Royal Highness.

91 years old today, full of grace and beauty. Long live the Queen!

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